Going on a Royal Caribean Cruise for the first time - Looking for advice on Lens Selection.

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Re: Going on a Royal Caribean Cruise for the first time - Looking for advice on Lens Selection.

landscaper1 wrote:

Based on my several cruises, I would take the 24-105 and the 35/1.4 (for night shots). If you have a spare body, that wouldn't be a bad idea, either. IMO, carrying too much will just get in the way of enjoying the trip when you discover you've turned yourself into a photo pack mule.

It can get pretty crowded in some of those port calls and that presents a risk. Give some thought to how to frustrate thieves whose technique is to yank on your bag to break the strap.

Your first cruise will be exciting, but I would also recommend visiting YouTube to view some cruise tips and warnings. This isn't to discourage you, but rather to forewarn what some possible problems might be. Don't underestimate just how much money you can part with on board ship. There are videos that will give you some tips on how to keep your spending under control.

Last, but not least, don't underestimate the blurring potential of shooting at low ISOs and low shutter speeds while the ship is moving at speed on the open water. Increase your ISO and shutter speed to avoid disappointment.

Good luck and bon voyage!

Thank you so much for the feedback! I definitely do not want to feel like a photo pack mule on my vacation I do really like my 35mm and use it a lot and packing light comes with some compromises. The 24-105mm seems like a pretty popular recommendation as well. I appreciate your recommendations on the lens, the thievery, the YouTube videos and the ISO and shutter speed setting adjustments.

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