Small Birds in the Forest, Big Birds by the Water, Iguana (200-600mm)

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Small Birds in the Forest, Big Birds by the Water, Iguana (200-600mm)

Just keeping up with the wildlife posts in order to not fall too far back again - especially as winter is a busy shooting time for us down here in Florida.  The following shots were taken around Wakodahatchee Wetlands on January 4th and 5th, with the A6600 and FE200-600mm G lens, and all posted at 1400 pixels on the long side if you click the originals:

A partially backlit green iguana, all done up in orange and almost glowing - he should attract the attention of a mate with that bold color

One section of the pine forest where I usually spot migrating and wintering songbirds was very quiet...then I found out why when I spotted this red-shouldered hawk sitting up on a branch trying not to be noticed

A little farther down, the pine forest was more active - here, a black-and-white warbler jogging down a branch with some little tidbit to eat

Even in the shade of the tree canopy, the fully colored pine warbler is hard to miss with all that bright yellow color

One more of the colorful pine warbler, slightly different position

The extremely-wee blue-grey gnatcatcher - looks like he's posing, but he's very much on the move as they always are - you get 1 second to get a shot before they're off again

An interesting looking fellow...this is a yellow-rumped warbler, but they don't usually have that white all along the face and edge of the wings.  This one is partially leucistic - similar to albino but not affecting full pigmentation.  He's also a bird I found and photographed last year in the same area, so he winters in this very specific spot each year.

One more look at the partially leucistic yellow-rumped warbler (you may see a red X but should still see the full size shot)

An anhinga, traveling towards the shore with his catch.  Because they spear their fish with their pointy bill, they often have to bring larger catches up on land to eat, because there's no way to put it down in the water!

Duck butts!  These are blue-winged teal, both feeding off the algae at the bottom of the lake, synchronized

A few posts ago, I shared a shot of a great blue heron eating a giant fish.  Well, here's another who caught himself a biggie...rather than swallow it whole, he was trying to hack it in two, lying it on the ground then jack-hammering it with his bill.

The lovely and elusive least bittern, coming out of the reeds and across a patch of water late in the afternoon with lovely warm glow of the sun

Another shot, this time with his reflection

I decided this great egret standing out on an island of plants was more interesting shot wider, with a little more of the surroundings and the reflection in the dark waters

A female anhinga, fresh out of the water and up on a pond apple tree to dry off, in strong backlit sun providing a halo and glow

Comments, questions, and critique welcomed as always!

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