My Constant Battles with Keystoning....

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I Don't Care. I'm shooting No Matter What (Barring Injury or Death)

moimoi wrote:

I am also focusing on taking photos in which light is part of the subject. If it is not there, I am not shooting, that's the way it goes.

Not me Man.  I'm shooting if I'm traveling no matter what.  I don't care.... I'm shooting.  Sometimes it works.  Sometimes it doesn't.

Well.... A lot of the time it doesn't.  ☹  But sometimes you learn when it doesn't.

God I love storm clouds with sunlight struggling to get through, or clouds that are dissipating after a storm and out comes the sun.  Golden hour is overrated.  If you added all the time I have shot in the Golden hours on both ends, it would be more time than the age of some of your kids.

I hate bald skies and flat light.  But guess what?  I'm shooting if I'm someplace I haven't been before.  Its a rule....

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