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Re: The issue with keystoning is the workings of the brain...

Greg7579 wrote:

Hey thanks Erik. Good info. And yes, I can't wait to try a TS lens if Fuji will just make one.

Jim told me a month ago it was going to change my life. 😁

Hi Greg,

I have never seen the DoF issue 'Audi' mentions in architecture photography. I have 24/3.5 TSE L IIwhich I often use shooting architecture.

Tilt is often useful when we need to get extended depth of field.

Here I have both pulleys in reasonable focus and also the belt connecting them. This was achieved using horizontal tilt (that is often called swing.

Tilts and swings are often useful, but they can only tilt the plane of focus. So it is not like they give infinite focus.

This was my second try shooting this with tilt. Focus is here on the small pine in the foreground and the upper parts of the trees in the background. Probably a lot of stopping down. I often use f/13 with tilts.
The stones at the center are a bit out of focus, but that has been helped by some pretty intensive sharpening. That image makes a very nice A2 (16" x 23") print.

Best regards


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