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Re: "Joy of use"?

Bob wrote:

There's something about craftsmanship, quality of materials, thoughtful engineering, attention to detail, and visual appeal that makes an object truly a thing of value.

Not everyone cares or can tell the difference between a kitchen knife from Walmart and a $1,500 Takeshi Saji knife.

The finest wrist watch (i.e. "timepiece") isn't necessarily the most accurate.

The same is true for anything. I own a vintage Leica M3. Indeed, once you hold it, you realize it's in a different class. Inside, the M3 is like a fine watch - a complex mechanism the results in remarkable shutter speed accuracy - without batteries. Of course, that doesn't mean the photos will be that much better than a $100 Canonet.

Specifically with cameras, there's its objective ability to produce images and there's the more subjective "joy of use" factor, which is probably something other than just ergonomics.

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