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Ok, I am not here to start drama/beef/uproar but I have a Leica question. So it seems that many folks just LOVE Leica cameras. They claim the Leica cameras are the best cameras in the world and maybe they are right. However, I wonder if the name is now associated with quality but maybe the competitors have closed the gap these days.

1. Open Talk is not the best place to ask these questions.

2. Some folks do love Leica cameras, but keep in mind that not all Leica shooters necessarily like Leica digital cameras, and among Leica shooters who have embraced digital, not all use all of the various mount systems. Some use new L-mount, some use the new S-mount, and some prefer the traditional M-mount.

3. Yes, other manufactures “closed the gap,” long ago. Each camera manufacturer has strengths and weakness. Leica is my third system, in order of option. I had a duty-related need for the best macro gear, for field use, so, Canon was first. Nikon became my bird/wildlife system, largely because my wife shoots Nikon, and we could share expensive, heavy tele lenses, and then, Nikon surged ahead in AF technology, at the time I had the funds to buy a truly serious low-light, action-shooting camera.

I pay $120-220 for Jordan brand sneakers. I don't pay that amount because the shoes are that much better but its a branding thing. Has anyone out there ever purchased any Leica camera and was underwhelmed with the product compared to other brands?

4. Jordan? Do you mean Nike? I follow neither, so cannot use them as a frame of reference. I do wear expensive footwear, because something about Danner duty and hiking boots makes them nearly-perfect for my feet, which might otherwise require custom footwear.

5. I added the Leica M-mount system, because at the end of a grail-quest for an interesting 50mm lens, the Summilux-M 50mm ASPH won, with its perfectly imperfect images. Then, I needed a metal box, upon which to mount the lens. Leica makes very well machined, well-fitted metal boxes, with precise mechanical rangefinders, which I found to be compellingly interesting. The M10 was the best of these metal boxes, for folks who wear eyeglasses while shooting. I found the color palette of the M10 to be beautiful. I had “done the homework,” each step of the way, so was not underwhelmed. Living near a Leica dealer enabled going hands-on, before buying anything.

We are not wealthy. Until we reached a “comfortable” level, adding Leica M was not practicable. A left shoulder injury had inhibited my ability to use a long telephoto lens, hand-held, so funds that had been intended for a Nikkor 500/4E FL, or perhaps a 600mm lens, were, available, instead, for the Summilux lens and the M10.

In the southern USA, and Texas, a Leica camera is not an outwardly ostentatious sign of wealth. Most people seem to think I have an antique film camera. I do not wear a ”timepiece,” and I drive a base-model Toyota Tundra, which cost $20K less than a loaded version of the Tundra.

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By accident of availability, I learned to use Canon and Nikon DSLRs at the same time. I love specific lenses made by both Canon and Nikon, too much to quit either system. Dabbling with Leica-M is fun, too. I am, certainly, not an expert.

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