Need to choose lenses for Panasonic G85. Leica 12-60 2.8-4 vs bunch of others for the same price

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Need to choose lenses for Panasonic G85. Leica 12-60 2.8-4 vs bunch of others for the same price

Hi all and I've finally chosen my camera *crowd cheering noise* I will get the Panasonic G85 as advised here on forum. Good job

Now the lenses. I have around 400 quid max to spend on lenses. All equipment 2nd hand. My main objective is video. Photography is welcome, but it's secondary. I need to:

- film myself handheld, so I will need 12mm min focal range and to be able to run and gun, so some focal range like like until 60mm.

- film with low light, including at night.

- film in closed spaces with low light.

- a nice extra to have would be to be able to do night sky timelapses and timelapses with low light.

- Another nice extra would be to take nice portrait photos.

For all of the above there seems to be the Leica 12-60 2.8-4. It's weather sealed has a good zoom, wide angle, nice aperture, so supposed to be good with low light. But I have some doubts about it:

It seems to be a lens that tries to have it all, but then ends up not really performing at any of what it tries to achieve. If the aperture were constant f2.8, I would buy it, but it's not constant and goes up by 0.1 for every mm of focal range, so at 24mm you are already at f4. Not very impressive for 400+ pounds. And this price is my whole budget.

Questions about Leica:

- Is 2.8 good enough for night filming?

- Will you get a nice crisp vivid night image with f2.8? Then zoom a bit and you are at 3.5ish already..

- For photography, can you shoot the milky way at 2.8 for time lapse? Is f4 good for portraits? At 50ish mm I would be at f4.

-Is 2.8 an advantage over 3.5 for day video? Or with good light it's irrelevant?


1) Buy the Lumix 12-60 3.5-5.6 for 140 pounds. Use is for run and gun.

Question on Lumix 12-60;

- Can I take decent night sky shots with f3.5?..

- Can I do decent portraits with f5.6?

2) For Night filming: get the Olympus 50mm f1.8. I saw some footage on youtube and it looks great. It's around 130 pounds. And I can also use it for proper portrait photography.

3) With the money left I can:

- buy a cool gadget like Genie mini for those timelapses, or

- get the Lumix 42.5mm f1.7 lenses as an upgrade for the Olympus 50 1.8, The footage I saw on youtube with those at night looks just gorgeous! or

- try to find some cheap prime wide angle lenses for night shots.

Question on night photography:

The "hole" in this setup seems to be the night timelapse photography. I would be lacking good wide angle lenses and I am not sure if I can do it with the f3.5 of Lumix 12-60. But again, would the f2.8 of Leica be that amazing?.. It seems that good night sky needs lower aperture than 2.8. Am I wrong here?


- What option would you advice? The "all in one" Leica or the cheap Lumix 12-60 and the other lenses?

- Any other way to spend my budget you would advice?

-Do you know of any good wide angle lenses for around 130 pounds? I couldn't find any..

Thank you for all the help!


Panasonic G85
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