Need help understanding system backup vs disk backup

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Re: Need help understanding system backup vs disk backup

Greybeard2017 wrote:

BigBen08 wrote:

I was visiting Aomei's site where it explains system vs disk backup.

Here's what they say about each backup type...

System Backup is a type of backup aiming at imaging system partitions and other system related partitions (such as system reserved partition and boot partition), including system files, boot files and data on these partitions.

^ The data in this case is not stuff like photos, documents, etc. But other types of data used by the system (operating system) Am I correct?

Disk Backup is to back up all partitions on the specific disk you select, including all data on that disk.

^ The data in this case is stuff like photos, documents, etc. Correct?

So if I want to backup everything on my disk, I should use Disk Backup, right?

As it says on the web site:

"Disk Backup is different from System Backup, because System Backup backs up partitions related to the system only (system partition, system reserved partition, etc)."

My guess would be that the system backup includes your C: drive and that these backups would only differ if you have created separate data partitions on your drive (such as a D: drive etc. to hold your user data).

If you only have a C: drive and your photos, documents etc. are stored in this C: drive then both backups would seem to be the same. (Caveat - I don't have the Aomei software).

These tools all use slightly different wording for the same tasks and it can be complicated to figure out exactly what is going on.

Very good, thanks. I agree very much with your last sentence.

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