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I'm Confused, Please Clarify

JJoyce4699 wrote:

BrownieVet wrote:

JJoyce4699 wrote:

The OP was not about my shopping habits. I was pointing out Nikon was MIA while Sony & Canon have all their bodies on display, at least at my local BB. There was no way to compare Nikon to the others.

I am lucky enough to have a iPhone 11 Pro, D500 & Z6, they put me in last camera syndrome mode. My 2020 camera gear budget got moved to our vacation budget.

1.  Should I take that to mean you OWN iPhone, D500 & Z6? or
2.  You consider yourself lucky for owning iPhone 11 Pro?
3.  What do you mean by "they put me in last camera syndrome mode." ?
4.  If item 1 is your situation,  then your buying photography gear for 2020 is over
5.  If item 2 is your situation,  then that is all you will have until 2021.

My son that just graduated from USAF hopefully will get stationed somewhere fun. Come on Hawaii or Germany!

I had not thought of your shopping habit at all. Simply addressed your query why Nikon has none of the high end camera you're interested at BB. Since you stated that BB is the America's Display Store, the BB Store Manager is the best person to ask your question, hence, my suggestion to you. I have no intention of offering my conjecture of Nikon or BB's reason.
My understanding of your objective is to be able to PHYSICALLY compare those MIA Nikon models to those of Canon & Sony. I'm glad your MPEX gave you that opportunity.

Um no, point was Nikon is missing the boat at this BB in one of the most affluent areas in OH. Their cameras are MIA while their competitors have all their cameras sitting on the shelf so people can see them.

The spots are there, the Nikon's are just MIA.

Why are you concern about Nikon's lost opportunity,  are you a Nikon stockholder?
Just curious;  do you know the photography gear sales figures of your local BB compared to that of MPEX?  Of the two,  where you you likely buy your next camera?

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