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michaeladawson wrote:

JJoyce4699 wrote:

I understand that Best Buy is not going to move a ton of $2000+ cameras.

Best Buy is America's showroom. why the heck doesn't Nikon have the Z's, D850 or D750 on display? Nobody can go get a feel for the bodies or compare Z6/D750 or Z7/D850.

You may call it America's showroom. Does Best Buy agree with you? They don't want people walking into the store to get a hands on feel and then walking out with nothing.

Best Buy stores will carry what they can sell. Like someone else said, a Z6 was on display in one store. That store must have determined that they could sell Z6s. Nikon doesn't say what gets carried by the various stores and put on display.

Before the sales tax collection laws began changing I know so many people that used to treat their local stores like showrooms. Walk in, handle all the products, waste the salesperson's time, and then leave and go buy it on-line and not pay any tax. And they were actually proud of themselves.

Perhaps that behavior will change with on-line retailers more and more being required to charge sales tax.

I showroomed BB on my Z6, but in my defense, I did it while purchasing a 4K TV.

I live about 8 miles from HQ, and there is a store about 2 miles from HQ. As you can guess, the camera sections is robust. A couple of stores out in the suburbs are barely a few point and shoots with no dedicated display. There are a lot of factors in determining which stores get the top end display.

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