Testing out a Sony RX 10IV

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Re: Testing out a Sony RX 10IV

sunjester wrote:

Rented a RX 10IV to see if it will serve as a second camera or even just work for a single camera for travel.

Really enjoyed the sharpness of the lens. Size is a little big for an advanced bridge camera. Focus was fast and sure. The camera really worked well and at no time was I worried about noise in the changing light conditions. Camera worked fine even though it was 9° F. Think I like the flexible focus the best for my shooting style.

Having trouble with back button focus due to the button location. Also having a bit of trouble getting the EVF set to show whats actually in the field instead of what the photo will look like. Hope today to shoot in manual mode instead of program.

Any tips on getting the evf more lifelike? I tried to use log gama but that just turns everything red.

Still have to test birds in flight. Images are from day one.

You're off to a good start with some nice shots.

I have no issue with button location for BBF, but we're all different. Hopefully you'll get used to it with a bit more practice.

Nearly 100% of the time I leave the camera set to display a representation of how the shot will look. I prefer this setup as it allows me to judge the exposure and dial in a little EV compensation quickly, if needed. It may also warn me if I have changed something in a setup that is not right for the current scene (like being in Manual exposure mode with horrible SS and aperture settings). The only time I change Live View Display to Setting Effect OFF is when working in subdued light and using a flash. That gives me enough gain in the display to actually see the scene for proper framing and watch for the time to grab the shot. If I'm not interpreting your problem correctly, please try explaining it again.

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