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tvstaff wrote:

Considering the GFX 100 and have a few questions.

  1. Want the camera for fashion to include "runway"
  2. For runway, models move and I need to use a telephoto I understand there is a Fuji 100-200 at 5.6. Would I be better off with an adapter and using a Canon 2.8 70-200?
  3. or can I push ISO to 4000 without noise? And stick with the Fuji 100-200
  4. With 14 stops of DR, will shadow and highlight recovery be equal to or better than something like a Canon 1DXMKII?
  5. Will I really get 5fps?
  6. Will the camera focus on a walking model in a spinning dress?
  7. Will I need a leaf shutter for studio work? Srtobes?
  8. What lenses should I look at first to realize the true capacity of the camera?
  9. From a workflow perspective will Photoshop and Lightroom suffice?
  10. I understand that adaperters for EF Canon Lenses
  11. are possible per the salesperson at B&H. A. What will be the biggest sacrifice?
  12. What could I expect placing a f2.8 300mm IS USM II on the camera? The salesperson said the lens with the adapter will communicate fully with the camera. Does that mean I'll have IS? Will I be at 2.8? Will there be vynyetting or distortion that I can't fix in LR or PS?
  13. Looking to buy within 2 weeks?

Thank you.

Canon 1DXMKII. And Canon f/2.8 70-200 IS USM II - Canon Digital Photo Professional and Lightroom.


I've been testing the GFX100 for the past few weeks and here are some answers I have found along the way that might help you.

1. For action like this it is definitely doable, but you will need to be more selective on your shots as opposed to a 1DX where you have more flexibility and higher frames per second. Also for storage,  uncompressed Raw files are over 200mb per image so you don't want to spray and pray.  The GFX100 AF is quite good, comparable to many top class full frame camera systems out there.

2. 100-200 should be fine unless you are positioned far from the runway. otherwise the 250 is a good option and its a f4.

3. Due to the bright lights on the runway you might not have to push the camera to 4000 ISO. if you do images still look good. You wont get the crazy detail you would on on ISO 100 but should be sharper than that out the 1DX.

4. Dynamic range is much better than the 1DX. One of the benefits of Medium Format.

5. Yes but not at full 16bit from what I understand.

6. Yes you can but I find AF-C to not be as reliable as AF-S. I was shooting some guys playing basketball and found my hit rate much higher with AF-S. Also you can set tracking speeds like the 1DX inside the camera for better response and also boost AF

7.I haven't used the GFX100 in the studio

8. 110 f2 is a dream lens, Great for portraiture and blowing out the background when you need to.  Ver sharp lens. The 100-200 is quite versatile but the f5.6 aperture is a bit limiting in lower light situations However the IS is very good. The new 50 is also really good, lightweight and sharp.

9. Yes you can use PS and LR but to see the full potential of the files, Capture One is preferred.

Overall the GFX100 is a different camera than the 50S and R.  You can take this camera out into situations you couldn't do with medium forma in the past.  It takes using it to fully understand the potential of it.  BTW I'm not paid by Fujufilm or even own a FujiFilm Camera.  I just call it like I see it.

Hope this helps!

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