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yardcoyote wrote:

If I were to buy a Leica, it would be because I wanted to try shooting with a true rangefinder. Like it or not, Leica is the only current digital camera camera using that system and providing that shooting experience.

I actually explored the idea of a secondhand Leica and one secondhand prime as my walkaround kit a few years ago, but even that was so far away from what i could comfortably afford as to be a bit of a joke. So, no.

But if Voigtlander were to offer a digital,equivalent of the old Bessa, a more modestly priced rangefinder camera using the Leica mount, i would be extremely interested.

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Same answer here.

I really liked shooting with rangefinder film cameras. I still have, and occasionally use, a Canon Canonet QL, and my Father's old Voightlander Vitessa L.

If I bought a Leica it would specifically be because it's a rangefinder for sure. Not because it's "better", but because it's different.

To the OP's point... could I buy a Fuji instead for a similar experience. Yes, of course. Financially way more realistic. But if I could afford it, I'd get the Leica.

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