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NewGuy1776 wrote:

Ok, I am not here to start drama/beef/uproar but I have a Leica question. So it seems that many folks just LOVE Leica cameras. They claim the Leica cameras are the best cameras in the world and maybe they are right. However, I wonder if the name is now associated with quality but maybe the competitors have closed the gap these days.

I pay $120-220 for Jordan brand sneakers. I don't pay that amount because the shoes are that much better but its a branding thing. Has anyone out there ever purchased any Leica camera and was underwhelmed with the product compared to other brands?


Given the price of a Leica, I suspect that many possible purchasers are like me and do extensive research into reviews and tests of the camera before buying, then end up not buying because the evidence convinced me that I would be seriously underwhelmed.

I once bought a Mont Blanc fountain pen.  I never use it now because it doesn't write nearly as nicely as many very much cheaper pens.  It looks really nice, however!  Basically, a trophy pen rather than one to use regularly.

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