GFX 100 Questions

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Re: GFX 100 Questions

I  also have GFX100 and as much as I like it, it would not be my preferred choice for runway for sure.

It is excellent for portrait work when the model does not walk or move very much.

It has eye/face detection but it is not in the same league as Sony A7r iv or Nikon Z7 for that matter.

In low light, it will hunt more than both A7r iv and Z7 as well.

So its AF won't be anywhere near what 1DX ii can do.

I think if you consider it for this type of work, you better burrow/rent or at least try it in store first. While its AF is quite an improvement over  GFX50s, it is not really comparable to top of the line high resolution FF mirrorless , let alone pro DSLR.

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