Need help understanding system backup vs disk backup

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Re: Need help understanding system backup vs disk backup

There have been uncounted discussions of backup schemes on this forum and other websites,

The generaly recommended scheme is the primary data, a local backup, and an offsite backup (cloud or other physical location). The more one is a digital hoarder the more difficult that becomes.

Most people, particularly those who tend to tinkering, will have an easily available and easy to restore copy of their "C" or system (as in operating system) drive. It is more efficient to image that disc than to clone it but to each her own. A system image or clone when restored will not require reactivating most drmed software.

Windows has built in software for disc imaging but in my sad experience it has been utterly unreliable compared to alternatives such as Macrium. Its a good thing Microsoft hides it from users. Time Machine in MacOS is also not as reliable as it should be but better conceived than what is in Windows.

If able keeping the operating system with installed programs separate from data(images, documents etc) facilitates backup schemes. Those limited to laptops and Apple products have only a smallish single internal storage drive, smallish if you accumulate lots of photo data, are wise to pay the not so great penalty of reading and writing data files from external drives or the cloud but to each her own.

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