Best backpack / rucksack for hiking photographers

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Re: Best backpack / rucksack for hiking photographers

LeeHicks wrote:

Thank you to the OP for such a detailed and informative post. I am a hobbyist photographer and day-hiker who clocks 1000+km per year. Since 2014 I have used a Deuter 30L bag. At first my DSLR was just tossed inside using my jackets, fleece, or whatever as padding. At some point I think in 2016 I started using the PD capture clip to carry the camera on my shoulder strap.

I tried switching to a Mindshift Rotation Horizon (34L) for a while last year. I wanted to love it, and at first it seemed to be comfortable, useful, and even included a pocket for my 3L bladder. I did enjoy having the camera off my front side and back in the bag - yet still be relatively quickly accessible. In the end though it just wasn't as comfortable for ergonomics or ventilation. I felt I could never get the bag properly sitting on my hips and the weight ended up too low and sitting on my sacrum. The bag also created quite a hotspot, sweat patch area on my lower back. I even tried using the PD clip with the bag to see if that got the weight distributed more comfortably. I gave it hundreds of kilometers, trying to make small adjustments trail by trail to get it perfect, but in the end I failed. I switched back to my Deuter bag with PD clip and have enjoyed the instant increase in comfort ever since.

That's the way to do it, making small adjustments while hiking for multiple days. Did the same with a few backpacks, like the older Rotation 360 because I wanted to make it work for the same reasons as you described. The rotating belt system is the fastest way to get your heavier camera, even when the beltpack is in the backpack itself. Unfortunately it never felt comfortable. I tried the successor, the Mindshift Horizon, in the shop for hours, fully loaded and hiking in the street. The pack is simply too weak and gave me a lot of back pain.

Seriously, I don't get it. This company has by far the best system to give fast access but fails again in making proper suspension systems and backpanels.

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