X100V specs to stay competitive: aiming up also re price the way??

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X100V specs to stay competitive: aiming up also re price the way??

Originally I had thought that if I could get one of those X100 - somewhat legendary (read: popular design) - cameras I would get it and see how I would go.

I then bought the X100F in 2017 and ... never warmed to it. I thought the lens was inferior to other lenses from the Fuji "stable" and certainly simply not good(IQ wise) or fast enough in both AF and F-Stop. Just small.

X100F F2.0. Separation not great, in fact on my 30" the bokeh looks very nervous

Took some images at close(-ish) distance. Very arty, but not great - unless you are after this look

I sold the X100F shortly after I bought it and at the time was puzzled as to what people actually saw in that camera. Medium distances I found were rendered ok but nothing special. Solid-ok, but meh at the same time.

Here is another one taken at F2:

X100F F2: Please view on a reasonably large screen. Looks ok on an iPhone, but not so much on a 22"+

As a "yeah, I am a spoilt brat" comparison, here is an RX1RII file, reduced to 6000x4000, but the full 43Mpx is equally fine. Stunning even.

Taken at F5.6 I find the bokeh less "busy" but what do I know??

Taken at F2.8 - close enough to the max F2 on APS-C.

Since I like the handling of the Fujis much better I would like to have the following specifications - if possible.

  • A faster lens in terms of speed: F1.4 to play in the same ballpark as the Leica Q2 (which has an equivalent of F2 at the built-in 35mm crop!) and the RX1.
  • A faster lens to focus. Like the 50/2 currently my fastest Fuji lens.
  • IBIS - like the Q2
  • WR - like the Q2
  • Add US$ 500.00 if you must but aim for quality (controversial, controversial, but I would be in the market for one of those!!!)
  • Swivel screen - like the RX1RII. BOTH those images of Eski were taken from below sea level

The RX1s are MUCH more expensive, but use the same 35mm and are also P&S if you like.

The dog's name is Eski, a Siberian Husky/German Sheperd cross. 10 weeks old at the time of those shots.

My opinion here might be utterly pointless, but I think that Fuji should look up rather than down or plateauing around the same old, same old 23/2 and add some other stuff. If Fuji uses the same lens I wouldn't even want to give this one a try ...


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