D5 Price - Less than $3800 - Reasonable of Buyer Beware!

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Re: D5 Price - Less than $3800 - Reasonable of Buyer Beware!

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Also, just for reference, my WT-7 on an 802.11ac Router transfers a D500 RAW file in about 6-secs flat,...jpegs are transmitter from about 2-secs to 4.x seconds! Yeah,...that's FAST!!!

I use the D7200/D750 connected directly to a laptop using the build-in WiFi of the cameras and AirNef on the laptop to receive the image files.

I typically transfer small jpegs for my clients to see while the RAW files remain on the card. But I tried some NEFs just now and i clocked a 24.3MB file transferred in 10.3 seconds from a distance of about 5 meters, or 2.36 MB/s. Your transmitter transfers a 20MB(?) file in 6 seconds or 3.33 MB/s. Not really impressed by the speed boost of the $1000 transmitter. That said, if you need it you need it.

Read this:


Yes well I just use internal parts so I do not have all the wires connected to the camera and worry about an additional battery. I only use EN-EL15's for the camera. Works for me.

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