D5 Price - Less than $3800 - Reasonable of Buyer Beware!

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Re: D5 Price - Less than $3800 - Reasonable of Buyer Beware!

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Also, just for reference, my WT-7 on an 802.11ac Router transfers a D500 RAW file in about 6-secs flat,...jpegs are transmitter from about 2-secs to 4.x seconds! Yeah,...that's FAST!!!

I use the D7200/D750 connected directly to a laptop using the build-in WiFi of the cameras and AirNef on the laptop to receive the image files.

I typically transfer small jpegs for my clients to see while the RAW files remain on the card. But I tried some NEFs just now and i clocked a 24.3MB file transferred in 10.3 seconds from a distance of about 5 meters, or 2.36 MB/s. Your transmitter transfers a 20MB(?) file in 6 seconds or 3.33 MB/s. Not really impressed by the speed boost of the $1000 transmitter. That said, if you need it you need it.

Read this:


Thank you,...however, I'm very much aware of other DSLR wireless capture work-arounds, but those aren't as robust as the dedicated Nikon WT-** transmitters. Plus, having to deal with the extra cables (USB/Ethernet),...this piece,...that piece,..charging for this item,...velcro this to that, etc. I'd much rather have a Nikon Wireless Transmitter,...of which, I have since the D2X (WT-2),...D700/D3/D3s (WT-4), and D500/D850 (WT-7).

Also, I tried AirNEF,..and while it works,...it has no hold time,...you have to re-engage the process once all images have been transmitted,..at least that how it worked for me.

Not at all. If I start the WiFi on the camera it automatically connects to the laptop and keeps transferring new images until the battery is depleted, usually after four hours.

In addition,...the camera creates a "WiFi AP",..which means, if you only have one Wireless adapters on your PC,...you won't have internet access while connected to the camera!

Yes, if you want another WiFi connection you need an additional USB WiFi stick in the laptop.

Plus,...and this is major! The transmit distance is very short using AirNEF and the camera's WiFi,...and also EyeFi Cards. The Nikon units have no problem transmitting an image from camera to PC while inside a Large Ballroom,...and amongst the hundreds of Cellphones in the area.

I use it more in office-like settings where I can transmit over something like 10 meters before it slows down.

But thank you all-the-same!

If it works for you, just keep on going.

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