Sony 20 f2.8 on A99 - focus issue on short distance

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Re: Sony 20 f2.8 on A99 - focus issue on short distance

stan_pustylnik wrote:

sybersitizen wrote:

Incidentally, both of your examples still show soft upper corners.

Very corners are distorted, not soft. Distortion is from CPL filter.

Perhaps, but I have no reason to believe that's the cause. My own polarizer on my Sony 11-18mm at 11mm f/16 doesn't introduce any extra distortion at the corners. These are both uncorrected in-camera JPEGs, and (manual) focus distance was the same in both:

Without polarizer

With polarizer

These are the same shots, with lens correction and sharpening:

Without polarizer

With polarizer

We can see hard vignetting in a couple of the extreme corners caused by the filter ring, but that's not softness.

If you want to convince me that your polarizer is at fault for the softness, shoot another scene with and without the filter and show the results. I'm open to looking at actual evidence.

I should emphasize that your shots look very sharp overall to me, and only slightly less so in the corners ... certainly much better than my quick test shots.

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