Sony 20 f2.8 on A99 - focus issue on short distance

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Re: Sony 20 f2.8 on A99 - focus issue on short distance

stan_pustylnik wrote:

Faith Yeung wrote:

I just got a Sony 20mm f2.8. On A99, when I use central focus point, the distance scale on lens body reads 1 m.

There is a possibility that the distance scale is off. What point on the distance scale actually produces the sharpest distant image in the center of the frame when shooting wide open ... say something at least a couple hundred feet away?

The image is very soft at the outer edge.

You got lemon lens or need to learn depth of field with this lens.

You've jumped to a conclusion.

My Minolta Maxxum 20mm f/2.8 AF is very reliable, works good with close focus while taking landscapes.

Those were shot at f/16 and f/20. Field curvature in a lens is very evident wide open, but can be harder to detect at those tiny apertures. Incidentally, both of your examples still show soft upper corners.

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