Most compact bag for a 50R+50

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Re: Most compact bag for a 50R+50

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Hi, am a FujiX guy for the last 5+ years (started with a X100 and the rest is history). After some hesitation I got hold of a 50R+50 combo and I am liking the experience.

Whats the most compact/lightweight bag for this, so that I can take it on my day trips instead of my X100F in my jeans pocket


it would be useful for you to specify what kind of bag you would favor . shoulder bag ? messenger bag ? backpack ? sling

also essential to choose the right bag is to know whether you need to have space for a laptop or just a tablet or what ?

do you plan to travel by plane often or not ?

personally I would advise against the think tank advice you received . in addition to being overpriced they are overkill in terms of partition which reduces inside space and add to the weight

depending on what kind of bag you would favor , you would get different advice

for long hikes or carrying all day a backpack is WAY BETTER than any shoulder bag



I use shoulder bags, backpacks and messenger bags. My favorite shoulder bag for just a lens or two and the camera around my neck is the Domke F803. For the GFX 100 the Leather Little Weekender. Messenger Bag (new version 2) is Peak Design Everyday Messenger (I have both sizes - 13 and 15) and the best backpack id the PD Everyday backpack (I have both sizes there too).

But don't do what I do because I have too many bags.

I think most of us are guilty of that;-)

But then again, I have too many cameras. And way too many lenses.

fortunately I don t have this gas syndrome . and when I have stuff that I do not use anymore . I tried to sell it

Don't listen to me.

Ok I. won't . easy to do that when you wrote that you carry your camera around your neck . can t remember the last time I did that:-O

In the past 5 years, I bet I have walked 2000 miles with a camera slung on body in some manner around my neck. I always exaggerate for DPR comic effect, but that is a true fact.

I believe you of course . it is just an odd choice IMHO. maybe it is also have to do that I do not see the benefit of carrying a camera around my neck while I need some bag anyway to hold lenses, a sweater or another rain jacket, water ..

I hear you, but when I'm walking I'm shooting. I can't shoot while walking if the camera is in the bag. Besides, I have too many lenses in the bag to put a camera in there. 😎

Ok although I doubt that you were shooting for most of the 2000 miles you had been walking 

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