"RESTORING??" ----------------- Older iMac ???

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Erik Ohlson
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"RESTORING??" ----------------- Older iMac ???

I spilled something on my keyboard that made the left-hand "shift" key quit working & after a week struggling with the other [right-hand key] I received a new keyboard from amazon.

The day before the keyboard arrived I had a couple of instances of the "Whirling ball of death" for a few minutes each time, requiring a re-stsrt, but the iMac was otherwise fine.

I shut the Mac down, switched keyboards and when attempting to re-start, got the chime & the Apple + a progress bar, which then went away & re-appeared for a short time - then the screen went blank, and soon the "WELCOME" pane, in many languages came up.

Trying to respond to that, all I could find was a "RESTORE" routine.

It said it was "Restoring" and suggested that it would take several hours - and then I left it alone overnight.

By morning it was saying that 947 HOURS and 37, 38, 39, 40 .... minutes would be required...

So, something is wrong, probably not the keyboard, [ I re-tried the old one].

Ant suggestions ?? Running El Capitan if that tells us anything.

Or is this the end of the road?

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