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Edward48 wrote:

SteveS58 wrote:

Edward48 wrote:


No comments yet, so I thought I'd do just that.

Thanks Steve. Just when I thought I was going to sink without trace.

What do you think of a tighter crop? Hope you don't mind me playing with your image.

No of course not. Tighter crop works too. Always open to different ways of looking at things.

IMO, getting closer to the couple chatting creates more interest. This appears to be an historic street...London?

It's in the Spitalfields area of London where there are still a few 18th century Georgian townhouses left. Many pre-dating American independence.

The painter has noticed you as he is glancing in your direction. The lady still has her attention and gaze on the worker. I like the leading lines of the street as well as the old time feeling of the neighborhood.

That's what attracted me too.

A quiet but interesting photo about city life. Nice B&W conversion.



I have to agree with Steve's take, but then again I agree with youur take just as much . What I like about the uncropped original is that it gives me an extra little sense that those Georgian townhouses never end; what I do prefer in the cropped version is that the two people aren't centered -- having them right in the middle gives me a slightly awkward feel towards the overall composition -- maybe it's that my eye wants to scan those endless rows of homes from left to right and the couple makes it stop briefly.

Nevertheless, I like the shot a lot and love your b&w treatment (as usual)

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