Jewelry Photography/Appraisal Setup - Hardware Suggestions

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Jewelry Photography/Appraisal Setup - Hardware Suggestions

Hey all,
I am trying to figure out a suggested setup for a family member who does jewelry appraisal.
I'm looking for a new Camera Body & Lens (or w.e is suggested). If you take a look at the picture attached, the camera will be mounted using the bracket at the top of the box and pointing down.
The ideal setup would be able to:

  • Run in a tethered manner; connected to a laptop over USB.
    • Involving little to no fidgeting with the Camera above the box. Adjusting a lens's focus manually might be ok.
    • Being able to preview the image from the photo and immediately access the photo from the computer without having to remove and pop in the SD Card is a hard requirement.
  • Take clear up close photos of the ring or stones on the ring.
    • Some photos are taken of an individual stone on the ring for example, others are of the ring as a whole. Sometimes an entire necklace would need to be in the shot. Clarity is the focus

No touching up or editing of the photos are planned to be done. They get popped into the appraisal application and are stored in a database.
Any advice would be suggested. Budget wise i think we're looking at 1000-1500 CAD but any general advice and suggestions options in different price ranges is greatly appreciated.

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