Lowest shutter speed but no motion blur

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How to determine the lowest shutter speed that doesn't cause motion blur? In other words most optimal shutter speed for a given situation. One can use a very high shutter speed but that will limit the amount of light.

Is your question actually about motion blur (blur caused by movement of the subject), or do you mean camera shake?

Both. I want to calculate the minimum shutter speed to freeze a frame.

If you want a single number, use 1/800 per second.  It covers everything except fast moving animals and birds.  For those subjects use 1/2000 sec or 1/2500 sec.

I agree with the earlier comments - it makes big difference depending on your subject.  People are relatively slow moving.  Landscapes depend on the focal length and your ability to hold the camera steady.   With VR, I'll use a shutter as slow as 1/15 sec or so - about 1/4 the focal length (that's two stops).  But if you are talking about subject motion, I'd start with 1/800 sec, and  go up from there.

Surprisingly - there are some subjects that look better with a little blur.  Cars, airplanes, and even bicycles look better with a little blur so you use a slower shutter speed and pan with the subject.  Bird wing tips look natural when they are slightly blurred.

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