Help... Nikon DX and lens for indoor and outdoor sports and more

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Re: Help... Nikon DX and lens for indoor and outdoor sports and more

Cooper21 wrote:

I have a Canon 18-55mm AF-S lens that came with my Rebel. It's in great shape, but I don't know really how good it is.

I don't quite understand how the DX and FX lens mounts work for Nikon. I thought that you cannot use an FX lens on a DX body. Is this correct?

A FX lens projects a "good" image large enough to cover a full-frame (FX) sensor.  You can use FX lenses on either type of body.

A DX lens only has to project a "good" image large enough to cover an APS-C (DX) sensor.  DX lenses are meant for DX bodies.

You can use a DX lens on a FX body, but this is not ideal.  EIther you put the camera into DX Crop Mode, or you risk getting garbage on all four sides of your photo.  Still, if you were upgrading from a DX body to a FX one, this might let you get some more use out of your existing collection of lenses.

In the Canon world, crop-sensor lenses can protrude so far into a body that they might cause damage if mounted on full-frame bodies.  So crop-sensor lenses will not mount on full-frame bodies.

So the D5000 series bodies do not have an AF motor, therefore the lens has to be AF for say, fast sports shoots. Is this correct?

Yes, the lens needs its own motor.  Note that in Nikon terminology,

  • AF means that the lens supports auto-focus, but does NOT have its own motor
  • AF-S and AF-P mean that the lens supports auto-focus, and has its own motor; AF-P may be better for video, but needs more checking for compatibiliity
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