Help... Nikon DX and lens for indoor and outdoor sports and more

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Re: Help... Nikon DX and lens for indoor and outdoor sports and more

idtx2 wrote:

My kids are high school swimmers. My current rig is a D7500 with a Tamron 70-200 2.8 G1. If willing to purchase refurbished or used I think you could get this combo for about 1k USD which is higher than your budget but well worth it if you can stretch it a little.

My prior rig was a D7100 and 80-200.

Buffer, fps, and high ISO performance on the D7500 are much better and makes capturing the "right" moment so much easier. The RAW buffer on the D7100 is tiny so you will probably be using Jpeg for sports. Might or might not be OK for you.

My copy of the 80-200 required considerable AF fine tune to produce sharp images. (Not uncommon and worth researching before you buy this lens). I believe fine tune is not available in the 3xxx and 5xxx bodies. No VR so keep the shutter speed higher for your non-sports shots to get crisp images. Wish I had kept my copy.

With a hard $700 budget I'd get a d7200 80-200 combo and start making great pictures.

I tried out a Canon 85mm f/1.8 at a High school swim meet the other day. I used my old Rebel, which is slow and only goes to ISO1600. I had to adjust, and I mean a lot of adjustments, every usable shot on photoshop.

I'll add the D7200 with an 80-200mm to my list. Are there any other companies to look consider for f/2.8 zooms?

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