Fuji X Monochrome comparisons...

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Fuji X Monochrome comparisons...

Ok, so there will probably be some rocks thrown through (photo)glass here, but I had to ask.

There have been few threads here already on Fuji monochrome camera and the X100 vs. Sony fixed-lens camera.

I'd be curious to hear about comparisons between Fuji Mono simulations (Acros, Acros+filters, etc.) vs Leica Mono cameras, both the existing and the up-and-coming ones.

It would appear that Fuji and Leica are the only "serious" contenders in artistic monochrome "space" right now.  Leica produces unique mono sensors, Fuji relies on quality color non-Bayer sensors, their knowledge of mono films and computational photography.

Both have excellent glass, although with unique characteristics.

Both, in my opinion, produce excellent monochrome results.  Has anyone tried to do a "perceptual" comparison of the two?  I'm not talking about pixel-peeping or sensor size, I am talking about the overall photograph comparison, leaning toward the artistic side, using, say, some of the medium-format film results from a 6x4.5 camera and Kodak Plus-X film (or Ilford Delta 100).  It may sound like apple-to-oranges comparison, but remember, I am talking strictly perceptual, not technical comparison.



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