Most compact bag for a 50R+50

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Re: Most compact bag for a 50R+50

Harold66 wrote:

debo wrote:

Hi, am a FujiX guy for the last 5+ years (started with a X100 and the rest is history). After some hesitation I got hold of a 50R+50 combo and I am liking the experience.

Whats the most compact/lightweight bag for this, so that I can take it on my day trips instead of my X100F in my jeans pocket


it would be useful for you to specify what kind of bag you would favor . shoulder bag ? messenger bag ? backpack ? sling

also essential to choose the right bag is to know whether you need to have space for a laptop or just a tablet or what ?

do you plan to travel by plane often or not ?

personally I would advise against the think tank advice you received . in addition to being overpriced they are overkill in terms of partition which reduces inside space and add to the weight

I used to carry my gear on that Think Tank shoulder bag and I will never have to carry that piece of junk again.  Totally agree with you on that!

depending on what kind of bag you would favor , you would get different advice

for long hikes or carrying all day a backpack is WAY BETTER than any shoulder bag

+1.  I actually my gear yesterday with the PhotoCross 13 (backpack version) and it was a delight!  Much more comfortable!




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