Lowest shutter speed but no motion blur

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Re: Lowest shutter speed but no motion blur

There is no formula. It depends on what you shoot. Some times motion blur can make the image.

Yesterday I was second camera to my wife at a Charity Event . Always fun since I can play around with cameras. I was shooting a7iii/Batis 85 and Z6/24-70 f4 and 50 f1.8. I was shooting a pretty girl (known to me) dancing. As tempo of music increased I had to increase shutter speeds. I used1/80, 1/640 and 1/1000. At 1/80 I was trying for motion blue, particularly hair with face sharp.

Since I shoot people at Events I rarely go below 1/250 unless it is a posed photo. For kids I like faster. For Soccer, rarely below 1/1000 and usually 1/1250-1/1600. For close action I normally shoot faster (rate of closure) .

too bad, needed more speed

All basically ooc except changed to Camera portrait. I will let her choose which to PP out of many .

and earlier in the day with Z6

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