Can i send photos from the Z6 to my PC wireless?

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Re: off topic about tethering software

goactive wrote:

I have my new PC built and working on Win 10 and loaded in the Nikon program.

I got the camera to connect to the network and the program connected and I had to enter in a code from the camera into the program linking them.

But it does not transfer anything I shoot.

It shows it is on in the camera and connected and on my PC I created a download folder and in that folder, the camera created a new folder but nothing ever goes into it.?

I finally gave up.

Did you follow the steps in the network guide, including telling the camera to send photos as they are taken, as described on pages 14-15?

Just because it is connected doesn't mean it will send photos.  You have to tell it what to send:  specific photos, or photos as you shoot (among other options).

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