14-140mm f3.5-5.6 Dual IS2 vs 12-200mm f3.5-6.3 IBIS

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Re: 14-140mm f3.5-5.6 Dual IS2 vs 12-200mm f3.5-6.3 IBIS

spike29 wrote:

So the question is:

Would you traid the 14-140mm for a 12-200mm on a DFD/DualIS2 capable body?

Yes, I love the 14-140, but my wife's 12-60 really has shown me how much more useful that extra 2mm is. Standing beside a America's cup yacht with only my 14-140 and a 25mm on me will live on as a regret of mine.

cost you around 600 euro i think to swap to 12-200mm.

It would depend on how much I plan to use it. I do not go out shooting past 80mm very often according to Lightroom. So maybe not but I can understand the desire.

Which brings the next thing: does static scenes benefit much from Dual IS in lower light situations? (from labtest's it's long focal lenghts benefits from OIS instead of IBIS but how much is a debate.)

When shooting birds fishing or landing in the water I have enjoyed having that extra help with my shaky hands. So if your targets are moving quickly I think you still benefit from having the help in keeping the focus sharp.

travel: size weight is also a factor after a long walk. but a "one lens solution" is also impact on your weight due no extra lenses. if you leave the others at home. otherwize you add 135gram to your set.

If this is one of your major issues then yes, spend the money I think. I do not fly anywhere so I can carry the weight, but if I was flying out to holidays I would look at a good all in one.

because i have a pl12-60mm and a 100-300mm around the 14-140mm i have a nice balanced threelens system. And the 12-200mm would be cutting in the use of the others at a cost of 600 euro you get a almost glued on lens on holiday's.

Sure, but it is not about switching lenses all the time, its about getting the shots. If a lens is not coming off and your getting all the shots you want I would call that a win. I mean if your thinking your going to be using this one in place of the others maybe that 600 can come from the sale of the others?

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