Canon Severe Banding

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Re: Canon Severe Banding

gimp_dad wrote:

N-VB wrote:

With silent shutter or first curtain electronic, it'll be exactly the same with any other brand/cameras. And also with the a9 at slightly highter shutter speed.

Internet is all about silent shutter, but nobody talks about it's limitations.

To make it short: artificial light => mechanical shutter.

This form of banding will not happen with EFCS. EFCS exposes at the same speed as mechanical. Either EFCS or mechanical shutter can randomly show one beat or band unless you use flicker reduction mode.

Exactly. I don't know how people can imagine that EFCS would move slower than a mechanical shutter.

That said, somebody recently demonstrated LED source flickering at 300Hz and higher. In that case even the best focal plane mechanical shutter would result in banding.

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