14-140mm f3.5-5.6 Dual IS2 vs 12-200mm f3.5-6.3 IBIS

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14-140mm f3.5-5.6 Dual IS2 vs 12-200mm f3.5-6.3 IBIS

This is in the road of IBIS/OIS vs Dual IS of Oly and Pana.

The 14-140mm is one of the most suited travel lenses out there. (non pro)

it's in it's third live and from one to two was a big step for the polulairity, from two to three it's mostly weathersealed. very nice DFD, Dual IS2 ,light and as zoom quite well build. Due the dual IS2 and DFD is the slower aperture not an issue because it preforms wide open still good and can be used handheld on very slow SS.

The oly is as 12-200mm slower due the stretch of max zoomrange it's goes to 6.3. Has no OIS inside and drives on the IBIS of the camera. Reading reviews and youtube it is a nice sharp lens, AF isn't bad on Pana but slower then DFD, stil fast enough in normal light. Great on minimum focus distance So tiny vertebrates can be closeup-ed well.

Oly 12-200mm is quite big and heavy with 455grams bigger and heavier then the PL12-60mm (320grams)

12-14mm? well 2mm is quite important. (i use the 12-60mm quite often)

140-200mm? 140mm is in nature walks often just too short to catch that little bird or animal, (trees and plants don't move zo zoom by feet.) But for real birdshooters 300-400mm is better.

IQ is of both quite well if i may believe the reviews.(for a consumerlens) it doesn't make a PL12-60mm obsolete. f2.8-4.0 is in the hole range faster.

So the question is:

Would you traid the 14-140mm for a 12-200mm on a DFD/DualIS2 capable body?

cost you around 600 euro i think to swap to 12-200mm.

No OIS so no problem for oly or pana body if you have IBIS and i am not sure if the 140mm on both is f5.6, i think the oly is just 1/4stop slower on equal focallenghts.

Which brings the next thing: does static scenes benefit much from Dual IS in lower light situations? (from labtest's it's long focal lenghts benefits from OIS instead of IBIS but how much is a debate.)

travel: size weight is also a factor after a long walk. but a "one lens solution" is also impact on your weight due no extra lenses. if you leave the others at home. otherwize you add 135gram to your set.

Me personal like the concept of a nice walkaround lens weathersealed and sharp enough for holiday's. (consumer IQ) The 14-140mm is a marvel in it's size and preformens but that 14mm limit is often inside (narrow places) a problem and the 140mm can be a pain to catch that bird or animal without turning in a sniper crawling around. The fact that the oly seems to be parfocal, video, is also nice.

because i have a pl12-60mm and a 100-300mm around the 14-140mm i have a nice balanced threelens system. And the 12-200mm would be cutting in the use of the others at a cost of 600 euro you get a almost glued on lens on holiday's.

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