One lens travel solution: 16-80 vs 18-135

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Re: One lens travel solution: 16-80 vs 18-135

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Neither is a very good lens. You might be disappointed.

I will be a devil's advocate here: I am inclined to believe you will get better casual travel photos using a bridge camera like Sony RX10 and its variants. Weaker sensor but a much better lens with better reach...

What I am trying to say, is that you can trade sensor shortcomings for lens deficiencies. At least think about it.

Do you have first-hand experience of any of the lenses? I have used the 16-80mm for 2-3 months with very satisfying results.

No, I have no personal experience with the two lenses mentioned above. But there are many negative opinions of them available if you only care to look.

But I do have experience with the Zeiss lens of RX10 and it is stellar! In good light the lens is more important, in poor light it is the sensor that makes the difference.

As I said, at least think about it.

And yet there are other alternatives that don’t involve changing cameras or brands (16-55 for example). I don’t recall any complaints from the OP about the camera and I think your recommendation is unnecessarily extreme.

If you want a one zoom lens solution the rx10s are definitely worth looking at. I think it was a reasonable suggestion.

Thanks for your suggestion, a  rx10 seems quite expensive. Over here, a new RX10MKIV cost over twice the price of the 16-80 and more than 3x time the price of the older lens. As I already own an ILC, a lens feels like a much cheaper solution.

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