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I've only used 3 bodies to adapt lenses to, old Oly e500, sony a6000 & a7iii. I like both the a6000 and a7iii equally but I think the a6000 has impressed me more. Maybe because it's the cheaper camera, the results have been more impressive and the crop factor has been more of a feature than an annoyance.

I had the a6000, sold it and regret it a little. I didn't like the lack of wheels and buttons, the poorly defined viewfinder... but images were amazingly sharp! Sharper than what my Fuji X-T20 can produce (in jpeg mode, with same lens).

I agree, the a6000 leaves a lot to be desired ergonomically. My biggest issue is I need to make the a7 and a6000 custom buttons as close as possible. I get all confused when switching between them for focus zoom. And I agree, the a6000 viewfinder is not great, but usable.

It's all relative and subjective with handling issues.

As somebody who's been using cameras for over half a century, and digitals for half that long, all I can say is that very few modern cameras have handling half as bad as what we used to consider pretty good.

As for the A6000 in particular, the real story for it is that, in terms of the general capabilities of the camera and image quality it delivers, the A6000 is priced way lower than competitors. Sort of the same story for the A7. The A6000 was Sony's APS-C flagship when it came out, and the fact it's still competitive with the best APS-C models is a good indication of just how far ahead Sony was when the A6000 was new. That said, I do think the A6000's window is closing -- just as the A7's window pretty much closed last year when the A7II came within $100 of its price.

I totally agree - I love my a6000, its such a fantastic little camera!  I've owned all of the greats at one time or another (Nikon FM's, Leica M3, Hasselblad 500CM, etc) and the a6000 is a stand out camera just like the others I've listed.  In many ways it was the first Camera to get the masses to give the mirrorless idea a try.  I've got 3 mirrorless cameras now, and still enjoy using it.   Its a great base to adapt lenses too as well.  I do like my A73 a bit more for adapted lens work though, much nicer to keep the original focal length intact when adapting a lens.  I mostly shoot wide angles and the smaller sensor size makes adapting lenses problematic.

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