Technical:Flash/Strobe's hot shoe mechanics

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Re: Technical:Flash/Strobe's hot shoe mechanics

sybersitizen wrote:

geru wrote:

Susheil K Photography wrote:

I have a Godox V860 II N. If I replace the hotshoe with a sony hotshoe, will it work on a sony body correctly ? If not why ?

I tried to find an answer for it and came across couple of answers which says, No can't use, but no reason as to why it does not work..

Thanks in advance.

Why not buy a Nikon to Sony Hotshoe Adapter ?

The OP's flash will go onto the Sony Multi Interface Shoe already and an adapter is not needed. If the camera has the older Sony Auto-lock shoe, an adapter would be needed.

Don't know whether you'd have anything other than manual capabilities.

Either way, no capabilities beyond the 'fire' command would be available.

I am looking to find a deal on an XPRO-S so that I can diassemble and check it just like sybersitizen had mentioned.. Will update this thread once I have my findings.

Thanks for your thoughts n inputs. Appreciate it..

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