Canon Severe Banding

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gimp_dad Senior Member • Posts: 1,870
Silent Shutter

Only fully silent Shutter in artificial light at certain shutter speeds will cause this. It's the menu item in tab 6 labeled "Silent Shutter" of the Camera menu. Neither of the mode 1 or mode 2 "Silent LV shoot." selections will cause it. Similar characteristics exist for all FF cameras, all brands when shooting e-shutter except the Sony A9.

If you don't understand it use EFCS ("Silent LV shoot." "Mode 1") or fully manual shutter. Google e-shutter banding with artificial light if you want to know more.

steve_london wrote:

I know there have been several discussions on banding when using the Canon EOSR but the banding on my recent images are severe! Is it a software problem or is it a sensor fault, any feedback would be greatly appriciated.

This Christmas display I assume is using LED lighting and the banding is quite clear however the banding continues down the picture as well.

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