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saw a couple of guys at Frisian Flag last year with OMD's and at the local motocross track there were a couple of m4/3rds users last year, you do see them

I suppose for long tele m4/3 is still very competitive. But for anything less than 100mm I’m not quite sure.

It is as competitive as it ever was. The difference in IQ between FF and APS and mFTs is about the same as in 2011. You can still have small with good IQ or larger with faster, heavier lenses for better performance in lower illumination. If one demands the absolute best IQ, then go MF. There are always compromises for different sensor sizes and photographers should choose on the basis of which compromises they are willing to make.

I’m thinking that with a camera like Sony A7RIV we are approaching the point where you can have both FF and mFT in one camera. You can just use cropping rather than having a dedicated camera ....

If you use very sharp lens with 1/2 the focal length with the same aperture as the mFTs lens with a very high MP FF, the crops can be very good and you will have similar IQ to an mFTs camera. If you use a lens with a smaller aperture than the mFTs lens, you will loose the FF advantage.

Since wildlife does represent about 50% of my photography, the high MP cameras frame rates, buffer limitations, large file sizes prior to cropping, extra processing for cropping are compromises I am unwilling to make.

If I were to get a FF, it probably would not be a high MP one, since I don't ever print anything that would require more than the 20MP of the E-M1.2. I considered getting a mirrorless FF for non-wildlife photography, but after getting the 12-100 f4 lens, I decided that a FF would add nothing of value to my non-wildlife photography. If I printed very large prints or needed better performance in very low illumination, then I would get a FF.

I agree. Every system is a compromise.  Wildlife is 99% of what I shoot and I feel that mft is really a sweet spot for it.  I considered high MP FF cameras: they certainly have their place, but systematically scrapping 3/4 of a picture feels very much like using the wrong tool for the job...

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