One lens travel solution: 16-80 vs 18-135

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holashobby Senior Member • Posts: 1,308
One lens travel solution: 16-80 vs 18-135

I am looking at either the 16-80 and the 18-135 as a possible one lens solution for travel and casual photography. In your opinion, which one of these lenses is preferable for cityscapes, streets and non-critical landscape style shooting? I am minded to go with the 18-135 due to its longer reach and larger aperture at the wide end. However, I wonder how  the 16-80 compares? which is your preference as a possible one lens travel solution and why?

Thanks for your comments

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16-80 f4
70% 35  votes
18-135 f3.5-5.6
30% 15  votes
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