Travel Vlogging: Autofocus on Lumix G7 problems. Should I get the Canon M50 instead?

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Travel Vlogging: Autofocus on Lumix G7 problems. Should I get the Canon M50 instead?

First of all, sorry for sort of duplicating posts. All my stuff could have been properly condensed in 1-2 posts, but I just spend hours every day researching equipment and my doubts keep changing accordingly.

I am looking at Lumix G7 and Canon M50.

G7: Cheaper, I can get more gear/lenses. GREAT lenses selection. A lot of room for future gear upgrades.

M50: Great autofocus but very, VERY bad selection of lenses without using an adapter. Adapter costs extra and adapted lenses may lose functionality, right?

My fear with the G7 is the autofocus. Everyone complains about it and I can see why. When the author is filming himself, the G7 constantly loses AF and it looks super lame and makes the video lose it's professional look.

My question: What if I set the aperture to a high value, so everything goes into focus when i film myself? I see the travel vloggers keeping the whole scene in focus and actually I don't want the blurry background when I film myself. This is a travel vlog, so I want the audience to see everything around me in focus. No need for cinematics when filming myself.

Is it correct that I simply wouldn't need the AF when filming myself? Would it affect the image quality if I increase the aperture?..

When shooting other than myself, I will have the control of the camera. This is when I would like to get the butty backgrounds, change of obejct in focus, zoom in-out, interview, etc. I would be holding the camera all the time, so I can simply use manual focus or half-press the shutter, so it focuses or tap the screen, whatever. I wouldn't be using full-automatic autofocus in this case anyway.

Does the above mean that in my specific case I wouldn't be much affected by the AF issues with the G7? I don't want to end up buying the M50 simply because of the autofocus and then not really needing the AF. M50 seems very limited due to lenses selection and the 4K mode is kinda unusable as it seems.

PS: It sucks to be poor in this world of cameras and equipment


Canon EOS M50 (EOS Kiss M) Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7
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