Frame Rate Advice Pretty Please

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luben solev
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Frame Rate Advice Pretty Please

Hi all,

I'm a long time photographer (wedding/corporate/landscape) that is trying to get into video through the purchase of a DJI OSMO Pocket.

I've only just got it and need to get myself up to speed before I use it for an extensive US trip in April (covering Vegas, Grand Canyon, Page, Zion, LA and DC).

I'm based in the UK btw (you'll see later why I mention this).

I've already viewed a lot of youtube vids on using the OSMO Pocket and I do understand concepts such as using ND filters to keep shutter speed at twice the frame rate.

Where are I am not 100% clear on is on what framerate to shoot at.

Some people state that I should shoot at the cinematic 24fps. Others talk of shooting at the other end of the spectrum - 60fps.

What would your advice be on choosing a frame rate value and (apart of slow motion use), would I look to stick to this frame rate throughout the shoot?

Then there is the issue of using the UK/EU 50Hz rates (25/50 fps) or the North American 60Hz rates (30/60/120).

Whilst I'm shooting in the US on this upcoming trip, I'll be editing the content on my PC back home in the UK and will be either playing it on my UK 4K TV or will be sharing it to friends on their smart phones. Will I have display issues if I shoot my content in say 30p?

Thanks in advance for your advice on this


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