EOS-R 4K vídeo in 23.976 fps too laggy (not fluid)

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Bassman2003 Senior Member • Posts: 1,294
Re: EOS-R 4K vídeo in 23.976 fps too laggy (not fluid)

Technically speaking, the term is judder.  Laggy would mean the image coming from the cameras is slower than real time.

You often do not see the judder in movies because they are good at making shots and camera movement designed to not create the stuttering.  Or it is hidden because your eyes are following something else in the scene.  The classic example is someone walking across the frame.  The camera can follow them and you do not notice the judder because you are not watching the background.  If the person stopped and the camera continued to move your would then notice the background stuttering.

Why do they use 24p then?  It has a storytelling feel to it.  Sort of like suspending time where 60p feels real-time or instant.

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