Thinking of Video? Get DaVinci Resolve

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Thinking of Video? Get DaVinci Resolve

I am posting this in Retouching Forum rather than Digital Video Forum just as a heads up.

We all have video cameras now and at some time we might use them.

When it comes to software there are many choices but one that may be overlooked, that is DaVinci Resolve. This started life as colour grading software but is now a full video editor. DaVinci is professional software used on Hollywood films so although it may be relatively unknown to amateurs it is highly regarded professionally.

OK, so why would beginners be interested? Simple it is free! Sound too good to be true? The makers BlackMagic Design are hardware manufacturers so the free software is part of their marketing expense.

Is the free software "crippled" - no. There is a paid version, Resolve Studio, but that is really for Pro's, Stereoscopic 3D Grading, HDR grading anyone? That costs £299. To put that into perspective Premier Pro is £20/month, so after 15 months you are winning, if that is, you are at the level to need the Studio version.

The point of giving people early awareness of the option is simply that the Resolve UI is different to most other video editors, it uses nodes rather than layers for example. It is also a "clean", but powerful UI, reflecting its professional roots which means that you have to know how to use it, you can't just open the software and start pulling sliders

If you are starting out in video that doesn't matter as you have to learn all new software but if you start on Resolve then you don't need to "unlearn" which is more difficult.

There are many YouTube channels that provide tuition but many are produced by people who used other software before and often don't have a complete understanding of Resolve. This guy provides the best training I have found so far, calm, clear instruction in bite sized chunks and he does really understand Resolve:-)

So, if you think you will have any interest in video in the future grab yourself a copy of DaVinci Resolve, it is free and start to dabble.

Is there any downside to DaVinci Resolve?  Bad news for other video software vendors although the amateur (people who are not on these forums:-)) market will be OK, as no one will ever hear about DaVinci Resolve.


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