Nikon Z at Best Buy

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Re: Nikon Z at Best Buy

JJoyce4699 wrote:

I understand that Best Buy is not going to move a ton of $2000+ cameras.

Best Buy is America's showroom. why the heck doesn't Nikon have the Z's, D850 or D750 on display? Nobody can go get a feel for the bodies or compare Z6/D750 or Z7/D850.

This is my local BB that is in one of the most affluent areas of Ohio.

Bodies on the right are the DX bodies.

(Sorry for the crapola pic, was using the 13mm on the phone and I did not get this squared up to the display)

I guess it depends...

I live in Vegas and there is probably 4or 5 Best buys... Only one has quite extensive camera and display section. Rest of them suck..

They have z6 and D850 on display ... Also A9 and other sonys... Eos R fujis etc. Also at least 5-8 expensive  lenses for each system .I got my z6 and 50 and 24-70 2.8 in my local best buy...

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