Camera to start motorsport photography

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Camera to start motorsport photography

Hello everybody. First time posting, so let me know if I have done anything wrong. I would like your help on taking the decision on which camera to go with. Without doing photography since the time of film, recently I got a Canon T6 with an EF-S 18-55mm 3.5 IS II lens, but I want to get mainly into motorsports (car circuit races), some landscaping (fauna & flora) and some portrait; and I know I need better gear, way better. As I am practically starting with photography again and the learning curve will be almost the same with whatever I choose, I can go with any brand (DSLR or mirrorless). I am planning to get the camera and lenses like: 16-35, 24-70, 70-200 all three f2.8. Later on I will get a 300 or a 400mm one as needed, depending the circumstances. With that said, here is what I want to accomplish and what I think I need:

1. Full frame
2. Dust/weather/environment - for motorsports.
3. 2 card slot or a way to simultaneously upload if only one slot.
4. 4k video. Can be 3840 x 2160, no true 4k needed.
5. Microphone input
6. External screen connection - preferably
7. RAW, JPEG formats

I was thinking in two options.

#1 - As a long term goal to get a Canon 1Dx Mark II (or Mark III that just got out). So I would start with a 5D Mark III (I think is not 4K) or IV, or a Canon mirrorless to avoid shooter noise in some places. The EOS R has one card slot so I would need a way to upload the data as simultaneously as possible. Not sure if that is feasible with this one, though or wait for the rumored EOS R ii. This way, I would be able to share lenses in all of the cameras up to the 1Dx.

#2 - If I find a good long term goal camera with another brand or mirrorless, that's OK, as far as I can share lenses since the beginning. I checked Sony, but I am still not sure how they work with continuous shooting (the buffering), especially with the a7 III or a7r III or IV, which one of these may be the one I would start with, and then move to the a9 if it compares with the 1Dx. My two concerns here are (1) the continuous shooting buffering that may lock the camera and (2) weather sealing - dust on sensor problems (especially when changing lenses).

Hope this is not too long and that I have been clear enough. Please, let me know what you think. I will appreciate all your comments and help. Thank you in advance.

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