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Re: Technical:Flash/Strobe's hot shoe mechanics

sybersitizen wrote:

Susheil K Photography wrote:

I have a Godox V860 II N. If I replace the hotshoe with a sony hotshoe

The part of the flash that fits into the shoe of the camera is called the foot. I assume you're talking about replacing that.

will it work on a sony body correctly ?

Almost certainly not, except maybe for recognizing the simple command to fire (which it will probably recognize already).

If not why ?

The flash communication protocols (the way the flash talks to the camera and vice-versa to support features like TTL autoflash and HSS) in the cameras are different. That means the electronics in the two flashes have to be different. Are the specific electronics contained in the foot or somewhere else in the flash? Take the foot off and look.

Even if the specific electronics are contained in the foot, you would have to figure out which connections are which because the contacts for communication are physically different.

Thanks for responding. It makes sense when you say about the communication protocols.

I fixed the foot of a broken Godox XPRO trigger(Sony) for my friend and that is when I had this question pop up.

Yes I was talking about replacing the foot. I know that even without replacing the foot, a nikon flash will work on a sony, but without any of the features. It will be a fully manual flash.

I am sure each item (Flash or trigger) will have its own electronics, so I was trying to understand if its the same board on all triggers. As you mentioned, I will probably have to take apart a couple to understand the mechanics.

Thanks again..

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