Can i send photos from the Z6 to my PC wireless?

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Re: Can i send photos from the Z6 to my PC wireless?

goactive wrote:

So I found this link I am DL it now

As long as it workes slow is ok.

This is not studio shooting this is for shooting things in different rooms in my house.

We have a new second business. And products in many parts of the house 3 rooms and items that need labels put on and other work that I want to be able to take photos of easy to be able to make posts and for our website.

Just a few shots here and there. Like showing us packing orders or shelves of new inventory and so on.

I have two Z6s so I will set one up for this and see how that works. But I need to build my new PC first might get that done Sunday.

I DL the file to an HD I have set up with all my programs in it I need to reinstall when done.

Not looking forward to win 10 at all.

Thanks, Everyone

Yup, that's the software you need.  And it should work ok for your use case.

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